Belleek Pottery

Belleek Pottery got its start in 1884. The original name was the Belleek Pottery Works Company. The company was first based in Belleek Count Fermanagh which would eventually become Northern Ireland. Pottery began in Northern Ireland during the Irish Potato famine in 1849. A mineralogist named John Caldwell Bloomfield came up with and idea to help the people who had been affected. He and his partner David McBirney set up pottery business. By 1863 the pottery had spread to England, the US, Canada and Australia.

By 1884 all the original owners had died and the business was taken over by some local investors. A few decades later Belleek porcelain became their signature item. During the World Wars the company had to make adjustments to ensure the survival of the business. They turned their attention to earthenware. But once the second war ended the company turned to electric kilns.

Now Belleek has expanded to include many items that are great for collecting and decorating. There are items for your kitchen such as their casual dining dishes and serving dishes. They also have a collection of Crystal. They offer many great gift ideas also.